A Baton Rouge-based podcast that focuses on the news, issues, and people that not only impact the city, but also the state of Louisiana. Our goal is to help promote the people that are part of the city and state we love so much. We talk to musicians, politicians, business owners, artists....the movers and sometime shakers of the local scene. We can't promise we'll always stay on topic (especially during football season) but we promise that our goal is to entertain and inform, with a heavy lean to the entertaining part. Thanks for listening!

08.07.2014 - Ep113: Spanish Moon Promo Show UP NOW!

07.16.2014 - Ep112: Pig And Plough UP NOW!

06.26.2014 - Ep111: Music Inc. Rock Band Contest UP NOW!

06.13.2014 - Ep110: Beer Tasting at Running Monk UP NOW!

05.20.2014 - Ep109: NOLA Brewery UP NOW!

04.18.2014 - Ep108: Local Musicians Round Table UP NOW!

02.20.2014 - Ep107: Trivia at The Bulldog UP NOW!

02.11.2014 - Episode 7 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

01.07.2014 - Ep106: Hangout at Rotolo's UP NOW!

11.19.2013 - Episode 6 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

11.19.2013 - Episode 5 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

11.14.2013 - Ep105: Pop Up at Doe's UP NOW!

10.31.2013 - Ep104: Rotolo's in Pville. UP NOW!

10.31.2013 - Episode 4 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

10.16.2013 - Ep103: Pop-Ups and Pub Crawls. UP NOW!

10.10.2013 - Ep102: Elvis and Jesse Show. UP NOW!

10.10.2013 - Episode 3 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

9.26.2013 - Ep101: Unwinding at home. UP NOW!

9.26.2013 - Episode 2 of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show. UP NOW!

9.16.2013 - Ep100: 100th pod celebration at Niche. UP NOW!

9.03.2013 - Revisit Ep3: A classic episode of the Me and My Big Mouth Podcast. UP NOW!

8.29.2013 - Ep99: Restaurant Week at Le Creole. UP NOW!

8.13.2013 - Missed the debut of the Me and My Big Mouth Radio Show? Listen to it here. UP NOW!

8.09.2013 - Ep 98: Tales from the Londoner. UP NOW!

8.01.2013 - Ep 97: 225 Best of Review at Restaurant IPO. UP NOW!

7.25.2013 - Ep 96: 225 Best of Release Party at The Pelican House. UP NOW!

7.15.2013 - Ep 95: Walk-On's. UP NOW!

7.08.2013 - Ep 94: Les Bon Temps. UP NOW!

6.28.2013 - Ep 93: The Pelican House. UP NOW!

6.19.2013 - Ep 92: Todd Cooper from The LSU Ag Center. UP NOW!

6.11.2013 - Ep 91: Bad Guys...Good Eats Pop_Up Dinner. UP NOW!

6.04.2013 - Ep 90: Andrew Godley of Parish Brewing. UP NOW!

5.20.2013 - Ep 88: Chefs at St. Lawrence Pub UP NOW!

5.13.2013 - Ep 87: Barcadia New Orleans UP NOW!

5.07.2013 - Ep 86: Nooley BR w/ T-Bob Hebert. UP NOW!

4.27.2013 - Ep 85: Whiskey Tasting. UP NOW!

4.13.2013 - Tin Roof at Restaurant IPO. UP NOW!

3.28.2013 - Hangin' at Music Inc. w/ Ross & Brandt. UP NOW!

3.19.2013 - The Truck, The Beer & The Blogger III UP NOW!

3.13.2013 - Doe's Eat Place UP NOW!

3.05.2013 - Red Stick Roller Derby @ IPO and ad for Patron Dinner w/ Chef Wadsworth UP NOW!

2.28.2013 - M&MBM #79 - Rotolo's Pizzeria
Airline Hwy, Prairieville.

2.20.2013 - M&MBM #78 - Chris LeBlanc & Allison Collins UP NOW!

1.24.2013 - M&MBM #72 - Nooley's Master Sandwich Builders UP NOW!

1.23.2013 - We will be recording on-site at Tin Roof Brewery for the Food Truck Round Up this friday from 5-8.

1.9.2013 - Go check out a Q&A with Chuck P. in Dig Magazine. GO THERE NOW!

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